In this video I explain my two key tips to playing better rock and roll drums. I figure this is a public service so that there are more kick ass rock and roll bands out there, as we all (should) know a band is only as good as its rhythm section.

Track 2 on MidLifeCrisis - Once. This song is me talking to me. "Night Nick" as I jokingly refer to the side of me that tends to come out after dark. Quitting drinking allows me to look from a different perspective - the voice is a strong one, and this song is all about facing it down.

A buddy of mine asked “have you ever heard a pop song?” In my mind it was a soul song, though being a white guy from Portland it ended up just sounding like indie rock. Go figure. I try to be blunt here – “we’re all gonna die if we don’t start to try.” The bass / key / synth solo at the end is the sound of everything ending. I repeat “need to understand” at the end, really just hoping, of course we probably never will.

This was a fun learning experience filming wise - learning how to sync up video/audio as well as perform live through Logic Pro and mix everything down like I would a standard audio recording. Minimal processing on this, try to keep it as authentic as possible while still allowing it to sound listenable.

Acoustic version of Outsider from my album MidLifeCrisis.

Track 3 on MidLifeCrisis - Stay. We get a little personal on this track, though it's also much broader. Being a man in a relationship is a dauntingly simple ordeal. We have very basic fears, and are easily assuaged.