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New ALBUM coming... in 2018


I need to have a work-back schedule, or I just tweak sounds in the barn until I go crazy. I'll be announcing a release day soon (after next week but before Christmas). Things are sounding good though - loads of different influences creeping into this round of noise, can't wait to share. Don't get all worked up though, nothing before March 2018, though if you SIGN UP FOR MY MAILING LIST, I will get you little tidbits early. 

What I'm Up to:

October, 2017

I'm recording new songs. Full album (6 - 7 songs, a full album in my eyes). 

Rehearsing for an upcoming show November 11th. More info coming!

Overall the songs will be more rock and roll, more dark and filled with more a sense of impending doom. Lots of calls for waking up, telling people what we really think and not going down in history as the generation that didn't do a goddamn thing. 

Love you all!




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The Secret Society - May, 2017 - Portland, OR

Why do I do this?

It's a good question.....



The music I write is all inspired by being in my 30's and getting older. I feel, with some conviction, that I am part of a generation who has been told to give up their creative endeavors once they crest a certain age. Creativity, rock and roll, edge and creating cool sounds that people like are all something to be owned by 19 - 24 year olds. Maybe it's because I have two kids and feel the constant inescapable pressure of being responsible for raising strong, productive people; maybe also it's because I have still have so much creative energy in me that if I stopped playing music I would die; maybe it's because I want to create something tangible and real before my time ends. Whatever the reason, without music I'm an asshole. When I don't play music I get cranky and irritable, and it feels like there is a hole inside me that can't be filled. It's what keeps me up at night, and what I think about when I'm spacing out. When I daydream, it's about guitar parts and drum fills and vocal harmonies. I am certain I'm not alone here, and this music is for anyone else out there who no matter how shitty or phenomenal you may be, feels like I do.

This music is for anyone who feels like everyone who tells them they should be someone else can go fuck off.

Mainly also it's for me. Sanity is important they say.

Hope you enjoy. If not, well, see paragraph three. Though, if you do, a warm and sincere thank you for appreciating the emotional sponge squeeze of a music site I call my own.

Ha, not as quick a rant as I planned, but it's my site so fuck off. Just kidding I love you all. I can say fuck as much as I want.






Nick Arneson + friends


Born and raised in the redneck stronghold of Roseburg, OR - I had to find a creative outlet at an early age.  There was a small cadre of like minded folks from that town, and we all liked punk rock and wanted to play the music of our idles. I started playing piano when I was 4 or 5, drums in high school, and guitar in my 20's. 

I played in a band called Paint By Numbers in the early 00's, as the drummer and was the drummer in the Greater Midwest from 2006 - 2012. Lots of other side projects here and there. This is my first foray into solo songwriter territory, though I've been secretly honing the craft for the last decade. It wasn't until June of 2016 that I actually put something out that I deemed good enough for public consumption. Those songs are now hard to listen to. Funny how that works. 

Nick Arneson Playing Guitar in the Barn