If you know me….

You know I’m big on principle. I have strong and loud beliefs. I’m working on not being right so much. I have a lot that I want to say about a lot of things, and this is my forum to do so.

I have a blog on here, where I rant or offer stoner recipes. I post all my new music here first. The Nick Arneson Variety Hour lives in the videos section, as do all of my homemade music videos. I will have a section where I sell small wares to try and support this a little more soon.

I hope something you found on here made you feel something, or inspired you to do something creative. I want nothing more than my creative body to inspire someone else to make theirs. We’re all the same. We all feel the same thing. Something isn’t right and we need to get that out in the air somehow so it can be made so.


Nick Arneson