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want me to make you a music video? use the form, tell me what you’re looking for and your budget.


  • Podcasts: You’d be amazed what a little mixing can do to a podcast. It can tone down the loud parts (got a loud breather or laugher?). It can crisp up the voice, remove background hiss and in general make you sound more like a pro. Flexible rates - let’s talk.

  • Songs: Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of ears. I have decent gear, and a pretty creative approach to how I mix. I also work fast, and can turn things around quick. Flexible rates - reach out and lets talk.

want me to produce your album / song? use the form, let’s talk.

beats? I make wicked beats. live or programmed, let’s talk.

want me to perform at your venue? use the form, i’m probably down.

press? use the form. i’m a great interview.

want to compliment my work? by all means, use the form and probably let’s hang out in person.

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