Late night Thursday / by Nick Arneson

It's late-ish. Random Thursday. Been practicing a lot, fingers are raw.

Blogs are weird - the concept that I'm just writing about myself in the hopes that someone will come along and say "hey this is interesting, I'm going to read about that guy"..... it's a strange idea. Bit of an ego thing, seems like. Yet here I am, posting to someone? Haha, maybe it's easier because I'm assuming no one (yet?) reads this. Build the callous in case people ever show.

Anyways, more about me. Got a new guitar pedal today, sounds like angels crying diamonds. It's beautiful. Nothing like a good guitar tone to really give you a good rehearsal. I keep coming up with these stupid fucking metaphors - "like angels crying diamond" and I almost wrote "like riding a wild unicorn into a choir of angels" - not sure where these are coming from. I'll try to stop, need to keep my readership up. I'd be happier if you just went and listened to some of my music, if we're being honest. Have you listened to any of the songs? Maybe do that, instead of read my blog. Once you listened to at least one all the way through, then you can come back and read this horse shit. 

Just kidding, you can hang for as long as you want. Bask in all of my narcissistic blog writing glory. 

I don't really have much to write about tonight obviously. Haha, keep coming back I'll keep posting stupid shit.