Best evening snack - guaranteed / by Nick Arneson

If you find yourself in the deep throws of the evening, and that famished feeling comes over you, i’ve got you covered. I’ve just discovered the perfect combination of flavors for that discerning, yet extremely hungry late night traveler. All measurements loose to the point of being nonsensical.

1 cup Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Granola

1 spoon (big) almond butter

1 spoon (big) nutella or any substitute works (maybe any chocolate works, i encourage experimentation here)

(action required) stir stir stir. this is the hardest part, and some granola will get on the counter. push through. it’s worth it.

1 cup Almond Milk. this is important, i think, but don’t really know why. i had a good reason.

let sit for 2:37. this time is very important to get correct. set a timer.

put on big headphones. put a placemat down or some table cover so you don’t put a ring in the wood. we’re grown ups after all.

find your best stoner album. my experience and approach is that the more cliche stoner album or song, the better it actually is for “stonerosity”. Stairway to Heaven for example? Fucking Awesome super stoned. i bet it’s been years since you’ve thought to put on those big pair of studio monitor headphones, smoke a massive joint (or one or two hits, these days weed is crazy strong), and listen to Stairway loud as fuck. it’s a cliche of stoner rock and roll for a reason: it’s one of the best listening experiences you’re bound to witness in your time here. it’s fucking awesome.

so by now it’s been 2:37, get back to the counter and grab your bowl/spoon combo. bring it to the table, pick your stoner route (carefully please). consumer treat while listening to rock and roll before you go to bed. it’s awesome.

side note: it’s very bad for your to eat right before bed all the time, so i try and do this just on saturday evenings. everything in moderation they say, even moderation - ha try that one out? weird little circular thing that i tried to pull, but didn’t really hit. maybe next time.

let me know what you think about these treats. i just had exactly this thing and did exactly what we’ve been discussing, and i can tell you first hand it’s pretty sweet. pretty sweet indeed.

Welp see you later. keep coming back and i’ll keep making weird shit like this blog post.