Fight getting young (and single announce) / by Nick Arneson

You gotta fight growing up at every turn. That’s what I’ve tried to do, for my entire life. I always figured I’d abandon most of this by now, but the urges just get stronger so I go deeper into the rabbit hole… Gets exponentially easier to honor the impulses - my body seems to have adapted fairly well to the 5 hours of sleep or so. A good friend of mine Simone suggested I start a podcast - in fact had a dream that I did and was good, not a weird dream so be cool, just a dream. If you believe in those kinda weird visions then there might be something there. I think I do so there is something there. I’m not convinced anyone really wants to hear what I have to say, but I’m also not convinced that is the reason most of us do this. Considering my numbers are pretty low currently, I suppose I’m proof of that. My shits getting better though. It’s hard for you to listen to the shit I put out a year ago and then the stuff now (10/24 is my next one - video / spotify single) and tell me it’s not roughly 75% better in quality and intention. There’s no ego in saying that, I’ve put out some real garbage just to get it out. I’m impulsive, but the impulsivity is now turning into just working fast. It’s very late, and I’m going to call it. Have a nice weekend, and I hope you do something fucking sweet. Keep coming back and I’ll keep making cool shit.