Vocal harmonies and album progress / by Nick Arneson

I love the shit out of vocal harmonies. I could put them on every vocal line, but i don’t because i don’t want to overwhelm, you the listeners’ delicate ears. It can be too much sometimes, but mixing them really low, sometimes you can barely tell they’re even in there. I used every form of there in the previous sentence. FYI. Baller.

Either way. The first EP of the trilogy is called “RESTLESS” and it’s coming out soon. I can’t say a date for sure, because there’s no way it will work out. However, i have one vocal line left before entering into the final phase of mixing. Mixing takes me less time than the last record, however it is still a very time consuming and if we’re being honest, confusing process. I’m getting better at it, actually, and this album sounds light years beyond the last one. It’s more subtle and fast, and hits hard and there are less effects. There’s all sorts of little nuggets of awesome sprinkled throughout. It will be impossible for me to not find a band to play this at some point this year. Just a little three piece power outfit. I just need a drummer, and they are holy shit hard to find. I haven’t looked super hard, to be clear but it seems hard. Whatever.

Alright, i’m gonna wrap this one up. I still want a comment - i see you coming here and reading this. There are literally dozens of you. First comment gets a prize.