New bio / by Nick Arneson

Nick Arneson is a Portland, OR based multi instrumentalist who plays a unique breed of punchy, thoughtful rock and roll. Originally a drummer in various Portland, OR indie and rock and roll bands, only in the last year has NAM started putting out his own original music. His first release, MidLifeCrisis, garnered praise from Indie sites such as IndieBandGuru, Ghetto Blaster Magazine and Pure Grain Audio for its honest and scathing commentary on getting older in a society dominated by the whims of 20 somethings. He plays and records everything himself in his music space, the Barn, in Portland.

NAM plans on putting out three consecutive EP's in 2019, starting with the driving and luscious EP "RESTLESS" coming out in Spring '19. The first of three will be a poignant statement of our current condition, through the micro lens of a sharp tongued middle aged stoner with a lot to say about everything.

NAM's philosophy is his driving force - that in order for life to have meaning, one must find their reason for being and embrace it full throttle. His music has the heart of something created with pure, unadulterated curiosity - and his hope is always that through this medium he is able to show others how life isn't as linear and stagnant as it can sometimes seem. Fire still melts ice, movement maintains inertia, and boredom will be the death of all of us. Find your lightning, grab on to it with all your strength and hold on.

Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

- Rick Danger