Critics / by Nick Arneson

You know what isn’t easy? Putting music out into the world for everyone to hear, critique and assume they can do better. Been sending out the album, and getting some good stuff - though the stuff that always sticks in my mind is the negativity. All I remember is that the one guy off handedly said my voice was out and it was obvious. No it’s not, i pitch corrected that myself asshole. Music is subjective, there is no point in acting as though you have the one right answer. Good critique is beneficial to everyone involved.

Some of the best reviews i’ve ever received were the critical ones that nudged me just a little further on. They remind me that in a world of professional experts you can’t slack or let a note go through out of tune. They push me to get better, and challenge the listener to expect greatness. These are the critics whose work i respect. Just saying, it’s okay to not be an asshole - it’s not that hard and it feels a lot better at the end of the day.

So yeah, got a couple bad ones haha.

Some resoundingly positive ones as well. The exciting thing is that if it resonates, it seems to really resonate. There is a boost of energy, some feeling was had. That’s glorious.