Walls / by Nick Arneson

When you run on adrenaline and stoke (it’s a medical condition) as much as I do, sometimes you hit these walls of epic proportions. Like you’ll be going along minding your own business, and all of a sudden you’re so tired you can barely talk. I’m exaggerating for effect, but it’s pretty gnarly. Hit one tonight - you see I over prepare for shows. I wish I could over prepare this way in other areas of my life in fact. Like, I’d be a rich mother fucker if I over prepared my finances the way I am over preparing for this Dante’s show. I assure you (and no offense to Dante’s as they’re just paying from the door) that this show will do little to impact my financial situation.

I lost my train of thought, likely due to said wall and the joint I had for dessert (2 t’s) during solo rehearsal. I really talk to myself a lot in the Barn. If I have a good night, I say out loud “hey man you did a good job tonight” because I’m really a words of affirmation type guy and it’s tough to get that alone. God damn I need a band. If anything just for the company. I’m clearly going slightly crazy. In a good way. Any bosses, please un read all of this. Thank you. This counts as a disclaimer.

2019 will be the year I get a band, and by 2019 I mean likely 2020 but I’m going to try and be ambitious. Really just need a KICKAASSSS drummer. And I mean smooth as fuck, not busy or showy (I feel inclined to admit to having been both a busy and showy drummer at many points in my music career, and I don’t regret it at all Jake haha love you man). Someone who can just sit back and make the song push and move the way a damn fine drummer does. I have my bass player, he only sort of knows but I’m very convincing. I have another guitar player as well. It is all really resting on that drummer.

Huh, this went on for way longer than it should have. I really don’t edit these down out of some very strange principal that I made up for myself, so it is what it is. Thanks for checking this out. I hope to see you at Dante’s next Friday, I’m in prime form. Not going over my practice regimen again. Either way, hope to see you all. Everyone from the internet.