8.31.19 / by Nick Arneson

Hello friends,

Quick NAM update. I’m finished with a single, and am starting work on the corresponding video. I setup a new green screen in the Barn and got a new lighting rig - all pretty boring stuff to the non-participant but it will mean a great deal to the quality of my videos. Can really only get better, haha.

Album is coming along fantastically. I’m going forward with my plan of one single at a time, with a corresponding video. It will be worth it, trust me. As my video chops get better, which they’ve already improved dramatically (go watch one of my first youtube videos vs the latest music video, it’s night and day), I’ll be able to put out more of it. This means more free happiness for you - the viewer / listener. I’m here for you.

My pledge - if I don’t have your attention in the first 10 seconds, it’s probably not for you and that’s okay. If after 10 seconds you’re feeling something - even a slight twinge of emotion - stick around and see what else happens. This is a community (or at least it will be), and YOU are welcome here. I make music for you, and me, and everyone.

Keep coming back, I’ll keep making cool shit.