Accepting rejection / by Nick Arneson

How many rejections have you taken this week? This year? They suck right? Whether it’s a subtle fuck you from the coffee lady because you only tipped 18% or a solid “you suck” from your boss because you fell asleep on your laptop (again?!). Putting your creative work into the world is basically asking for monumental rejection. Every drop is a “this could be the one” and almost without exception it isn’t quite.…

Unless you’re doing it for the right reason, and then every drop is the one. I’m not fully there, but I’ve gotten better and am getting better. I’m trying to be more present when I’m making and that helps immensely. It’s a small window each day that I’m free to express the inner, weird workings of my soul - and I have come to realize that pissing that time away thinking about some mansion on a beach in a future that only exists in my mind is not the way to go. I encourage the same for you.

The worst kind of rejection, and the kind I have yet to get over, is the apathy. The feeling that no one gives a shit. It’s lonely in the barn, and my way of interacting with people is by getting my work into their face. If they feel nothing, I’ve failed. So, there’s that. I haven’t figured out how to best this demon, other than get better and make people give a fuck. “No one cares until they do” - someone said that, not sure who. The trick after that is making them care for longer than the average pop song or news cycle. Best not to dwell on this folks, trust me.

Long story long, hang in there. I’m an emotional rollercoaster of man, and I can handle it. Surely you’re stronger than I. I bury it behind a facade of sarcasm and facial hair, but believe me - I feel everything. Every glance, tone, body language or wild energy sends me flying high or plummeting low. There is no middle ground - this is what I get being the person I am. If tomorrow I woke up flat lining in my response to people, I’d know that my creative days were over. Comes with the territory.

Longer story long - hang in there. Keep coming back and I’ll keep making cool shit. And ranting about the cool shit at length.

Love you guys. Seriously. Whoever you are. Leave a comment - I know you’re coming to these pages and reading this stuff, I can see the data. Interact with me, I will respond in kind.