Currently..... by Nick Arneson

Working diligently on two new tracks. One will be a cover, but won't sound like the original, the other will be an original (and hopefully won't sound like a cover). I am also planning on posting some videos up on the site soon, both of performances and me talking about my gear/process. Had a couple folks ask what I use and how I go about it, so these ought to inform. 

Thanks for checking in. I love you all. 


I write in metaphors. Actually, a combination of plain and simple combined with layers of meaning that sometimes only dawn on me weeks after writing. It's fun and confusing. This song is no different. The more layers I added to it, the more the real meaning of the song continued to creep out. It ended up sounding much darker than I intended. A glimpse into my soul, haha, come on lighten up. 

Also, I'll never tell you all what the real meaning of anything is. That's the fun/glory of music. It's yours now - apply whatever fucking meaning you want and you'll be right. Yes, it is about that chick in your algebra class. Yes, it is about those guys making fun of you. Whatever. Algebra? I'm not sure what's going on - but it's my blog. I didn't force you here, hahahahahah. 


It's harder to say it
With the sun beating down
Not drowned in night
A slow reluctance
To meet our fate

I don't know why
It tastes so bitter to me
But I woke up here
Something is making me weird
Making me weird

You inspire me
To write lyrics to songs
Because I don't know
What you think

Drowned in Night