Drumming with Morgan Grace by Nick Arneson

Took a little breather from working on my own shit to play drums on Morgan Grace's upcoming album. Holy shit, what a blast. Haven't met someone who embodies rock and roll quite like this one, and also got to spend some time with my old friend Adam Pike in his legendary studio. Overall, very solid weekend. Too much drinking, and my ears are ringing a bit, but all totally worth it. 

Plan on posting a new From the Barn this weekend. Also, still sprinkling some finishing touches on a couple new tracks. Hopefully will be worth the wait.  

- Nick

Currently..... by Nick Arneson

Working diligently on two new tracks. One will be a cover, but won't sound like the original, the other will be an original (and hopefully won't sound like a cover). I am also planning on posting some videos up on the site soon, both of performances and me talking about my gear/process. Had a couple folks ask what I use and how I go about it, so these ought to inform. 

Thanks for checking in. I love you all.