Updates by Nick Arneson

Getting pretty late......

Back from Austin. Spent a few days down south soaking up all the tunes and booze that fine state had to offer me. While there for my other "paying" job, I managed to get away quite a bit and see some rad tunes. Sam Cohen stole the week, his pro band and off the charts guitar tones were an inspiration. Also met a lot of kick ass people (you know who you are) and had some bbq that changed my whole opinion of bbq.

Few things in life bring me more satisfaction than booze filled adventures in new cities with new people. Adventure that either brings you face to face with what you aren't supposed to be or pushes you down a flight of stairs and leaves you gasping and looking for advil. No better way to spend my time, I've found. 

I have been saying I will post some new songs for much longer than I'm happy about. I realize this, and am working to rectify the situation. You see, I'm a busy fucking dude. I have kids, career and wife that need to be taken care of (the wife doesn't need me to take care of her, but I like to try). I write, record, and practice all after all of that shit is done - which means there are often stretches of time where I can't be as productive as I'd like. If only I didn't have to sleep. Either way, I barely do. 

Currently I have two songs tracked, one fully mixed (release early April), a new From the Barn that I just recorded tonight and a new guitar player that I will announce shortly. 

My final night in Austin I stayed up until 3 am and wrote some pretty hefty words that will accompany some new music I'm working on. Dark as always, but with a hint of silver lining that we all are chasing. Keep driving down the road, towards the light, and eventually we'll all get there. Meaning, for me at least, that pushing and pushing and charging at what I know I'm supposed to do is the only acceptable way to go about livin'. 

Why am I leading myself on
Wishing for things that will never be
Not brave enough for either
So I just daydream

Don't do this....

Working working working by Nick Arneson

Got a few songs in the works, a potential video project and of course the Live From the Barn series that I've set up. Songs are coming along nicely, feeling so strong progression in the crafting process as well as really digging the tones I'm getting out of recording in the barn. Big wooden structures have a way of sounding fucking kick ass (technical term). 

Patience my friends, will serve all of us well. Expect some shit to start dropping (as they say) pretty soon, though might be dark for a couple while I focus on the stuff that matters most. Finishing this post with "The MUSIC!" would have been cheesy so I won't do that (def thinking it though). 

Hit me up if you ever have questions about gear, songs, whatever..... I promise I'll respond. I can nerd out about this whole music thing for hours on end. 

Keep coming back, and I'll keep posting cool shit. 

- Nick

Thoughts on Rock and Roll.... by Nick Arneson

My good friend said, "of course you have a rants page." Damn right.

Is Rock and Roll dead? Of course not. Am currently reading the Bruce Springsteen autobiography, and I encourage it to all. We're going through a weird space in rock music, but I think there is void that always being filled. I feel very passionately that fervent, musical, driven, organic music will always have a place in our culture. Trends come and go. Auto tuned EDM bass dropping dance clubbers can have their fun, and they should. No judgement. I'll take some grimy rock and roll over any day of the week. Give me something to study and watch, let me figure out what riff the guitar player is noodling, or how the drummer is playing his beat. I still get more than a little excited when I wake up and my ears are ringing and the tips of the fingers on my left hand are tingling/numb from how much I played the night before. 

Further, if we want to think of one positive to Trump being elected, it's likely that we're about to enter a new phase of incredible music - very likely in some vain of rock and roll. Happened with Reagan, happened with Bush 1 and 2. Trump is worse than all three put together. Bring it on. 

I should have made a rants page a long time ago. 

Live song by Nick Arneson

Live version of the World  Melts. Really just me fucking around in my basement. Full song at my SoundCloud page, obviously. 

Live acoustic version of the World Melts by Nick Arneson.

Currently..... by Nick Arneson

Working diligently on two new tracks. One will be a cover, but won't sound like the original, the other will be an original (and hopefully won't sound like a cover). I am also planning on posting some videos up on the site soon, both of performances and me talking about my gear/process. Had a couple folks ask what I use and how I go about it, so these ought to inform. 

Thanks for checking in. I love you all.