Song writing experience(s) by Nick Arneson

Tonight it dawned on me what a song was about, after it was finished - it was the weirdest fucking thing i’ve experienced in songwriting. Suddenly it was so obvious, and it had been pouring out of me for like three weeks. Not sure how better to articulate this one, though the more into the process of crafting a song into something the more the experience morphs into something much deeper than i expected. I’m going to stop there, because i don’t want to get all hippie sounding. That would fuck with my whole image, so i obviously need to be careful.

Songs also will suddenly bloom into existence - again sounds corny as fuck i know but there is no way to describe it better. I’ve been working on this same song (was just talking about it, try and keep up) and after getting the rhythm section just right and proper (strangely when you lay the bass guitar just a hair behind the kick drum ((just a fucking hair, like barely)) it makes the sweetest groove happen), the song took on a life of its own. I have a perfectly clear vision of what the song will become, and i just have to get there now.

I’m not as stoned as you think i am. Seriously, this is all real life. Happy Sunday night. Hope to see you at Dante’s on Friday - I’m in prime form.