Been a minute / by Nick Arneson

Hey friends. Got really stoned today (it's legal now, be cool) and felt like conjuring up a blog post about my process. I spend hours in the Barn making music, mostly solo, so it always feels like the story goes un reported. Probably mostly for the better, it's like that Arrested Development episode where the content ends up being super dry and not actually that interesting, so whatever. 

I'm working on a new album right now, not sure the format or how it will get "dropped" but likely have about 8 songs. To me, they're the best thing I've done musically. They feel good. They feel relevant and driving and kinda pissed, but also kind of optimistic (easy now), and overall solid. I have some new guys playing a couple parts but it's mostly me on everything. Spent a long time on the drums, getting the grooves perfect. Take after take after take after take after take after take. It's a fuckin rabbit hole. Felt good to really dig into to the drums though. 

New dude Archie came over a couple times and put down some bass lines. Bass is my achilles heel, I'm practicing but I suck. Archie doesn't suck. Holy smokes. Much like Jake (the guy on the last stuff) Archie sits right in the groove and makes you move when you hear him play. Try to sit still. It's impossible, you can't. Bass players and drummers are the unsung heroes of rock and roll. Try having a good band without a kick ass rhythm section. Doesn't exist. You're lying to yourself if you think it does. Also, a straight drum beat at a slow BPM is fucking hard to play smooth but when you get it right it's the sexiest think out there. Got a couple of those in this round of songs. 

Tangents on tangents. Hit me up with comments or emails if you ever want to know about the process more. Well, see you later.