Theories, currently listening to, etc / by Nick Arneson

I think a lot about playing music, obviously, and the implications of doing it as you get older. It's been categorized as a young man's (woman's) game. Possibly due to the good young musicians so effectively capturing the chaotic nature of youth while still being good enough to express it. Possibly due to marketing. Working in marketing, I assume it's the latter. It's some powerful shit. Young people look better strutting around with instruments in their hands, writhing around in emotional turmoil, spilling their musical guts for all to hear.

I call bullshit though, and of course I understand that if 20 year old me read this he'd call bullshit on me. That is an assumed point, under all of these arguments I write. The point that this is my blog, and my opinions are likely stronger than they should be and often without much merit. You don't need to read this. Anyways. Bullshit because I'm 39, and have a full time career, two kids, and a marriage. Shit is REAL. If I stay up too late one night recording guitars and smoking weed, miss a meeting, lose my job - a lot of people get fucked not just me. It's easier to not play music at this age than it is to do it, especially if it's not your career. No one asks why, but people tell me they're "proud of me" a lot. A LOT. No one says that to a 23 guitar player. No one. I appreciate the sentiment, of course. 

Where the drive to do it comes from, who knows. The question and a lot related to it (likely existential in nature but tied to something tangible so my brain can get there) fuel my lyrics, which I will put up here as they come out, someday. 

My next record is progressing as they do. Fits, starts, emotional tantrums, plateaus, leveling up, euphoria, depression, anxiety.... all the shit that gets me up in the morning and keeps me up too late. Hope you all have something that you can fucking obsess about every damn minute. It's rad. 

Well, see you later. 

Currently listening to the new Dan Auerbach. Seems to be a channeling of the Traveling Wilburys, which I feel pretty good about.