Late night stories / by Nick Arneson

I think I know what it feels like right before you die. 

When I was 20 or so I got in a gnarly car wreck. Going up I-5, I hit a trailer that had broken free from it's puller, going 70 or so. Crazy everything, spun around, sparks, pulling, tearing, screaming, remember specifically yelling "Holy Fuck" and coming to a stop. Damn thing sliced clear through the roof of my decently newish honda, and it really, honestly should have killed me. When I saw the car later, I was shocked and kinda stoked (I was 20) at the near totality of it's demise. I got some cash out of it, a bunch of pain killers (good timing - 20 and all) and the drum set I still play today. It's a beautiful Mapex Orion Classic. Sounds better today than when I bought it. Not sure the morale here, though it's a pretty good story. 

Well, see you later.

I can't keep closing that way as it's not mine, and Dumb and Dumber isn't cool to quote.