More recording and song writing discoveries... / by Nick Arneson

Of late i’ve discovered that when i put the wrong layers together, say from a keyboard with lots of textures and noises, the sounds feel like bad colors look together. It’s bizarre and only recently am i able to articulate what i’ve been doing instinctively for the last couple years. Funny how that works. You know you’re getting better at something when you’re able to explain what it is you’re actually doing.

I think i officially have a blog, and i’m blogging right now. Previously this had just been a place for me to occasionally come shit out some words (sorry folks but i’m quite vulgar and this is my blog, so……) and go about my day. Now i’m actively thinking of things and being like “oh shit i should write that down” - of course what i mean is “i should blog about that” but i’m not ready to say that out loud yet. I have some weird things, as we all do.

I have been firing on all cylinders of late, for those of you in the creative process stream you are likely very familiar with the ebb and flow of creativity. I’m fairly lucky thus far that there has never been a “block” - i can always figure out some way to enjoy myself and come out on the other side with something that i don’t automatically hate. Though when the stream gets moving, holy shit, it’s a whole other story. I lay awake at night, and ideas are coming out of nowhere over and over. This is every night lately. It’s very hard to get a good night’s sleep. I think i’m going through a personal renaissance - my wife is experiencing a similar phenomenon in her world. I don’t bring her into this mess though, she’s a private woman.

Final thought - i can see that you are reading this (i don’t know who but i see the traffic, pretty decent actually). Let me know what you have to say in the comment section? It might shut me up, because sometimes i convince myself that i’m just talking to myself on here. Probably won’t shut me up, just warning you.