style vs trend / by Nick Arneson

Style is strong, trend is weak. Style is knowing exactly who you are and dressing to suit, trend is reading a fashion blog and dressing like some dude. I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum in the last week i think. It’s a constant struggle. Getting older is making it easier though, less urge to chase something or some way of wearing - two straps with your backpack and a jean peg or a slightly overside t shirt with some skinny black denim (guilty, but for this example).

This has nothing to do with anything, but that’s something you the reader are pretty used to at this point.

Damn - broken record here, but i’m fucking stoked to play tomorrow night. It’s been ages and I fucking love playing shows. I get nervous, which as someone told me once (I need to remember who as it’s a great quote): “the parts of life you remember are always after butterflies” or something to that effect. If you know who said this, leave a comment. Or just leave a comment. It’s weird to know so many read this but don’t interact. Must just be porn bots. That’s cool too, they need entertainment.

Alright, i’m out of useful shit to write. Hahahaha, useful. Yeah, you don’t get this time back folks, i’m sorry. If i could give you a refund i would.