Hero / by Nick Arneson

This one will be a song soon, but it’s weird and I like it…

by Nick Arneson

Everyone assumes they’re the hero 

But I’m sorry, no, that’s me

Though the invite clearly says zero

It might be infinity 

Caved and saw the psychic last night

Went home and dreamt of wasps

Glowing vision back panel of fright

So how long can I ignore the costs 

You give me that animal feeling

You wear the night sky so well

The hippies they weren’t stealing 

They were only trying to tell

They were right all along

Guitars are boring I wanna dance

Get the move in you 

Music can show you the chance 

You know it’s true 

Arms and hands are glowing warm

I can see you in my mind 

You’ve been there through this storm

Just too hard to find 

If you’re an angel I know we’re in love 

I can sense the wonder 

Mutual from me and from above 

Maybe not a blunder 

Know what this means, there’s a reason

Always thought it hollow

Like learning a warmer season 

When February’s all I follow 

So I need to channel the lightning 

To see this one all the way through 

Looking to calm my fighting 

Focus in on the brew

Like leaves that never fell 

Or a riff that dies in your head

I just could never tell 

These limbs like molten lead

So when you see me next don’t mind the glow

I won’t ignore the pull 

Goosebumps not cold exhaustion to know 

Eyes are open, standing tall