Poetry / by Nick Arneson

Fuck it, I write poetry. I’ve been writing poems since high school (I’m 40) and stashing them away - too embarrassed to admit to even myself that I was a (gasp) poet. Only by turning them into lyrics / songs have I been comfortable putting them out into the public space. But now that I’ve grown accustomed to the rush of putting my work out, it dawned on me that I have a lot of back catalog that while not appropriate for song material - works great as a standalone poem. Please note, my work tends to be dark. You likely won’t be skipping around whistling a happy tune after reading - and if you are please see someone.

Anyways, let me know what you think. My hope is that you relate, that some of the emotions and feelings that I’ve dredged up over the years will also resonate with you.

Keep coming back, I’ll keep making cool shit.