Yesterday does exist / by Nick Arneson

Yesterday does exist 

In the calluses on my fingers 

The complexes in my mind

The fidgets and the twitches

The love left behind

Yesterday does exist

Because now is complicated

The broken jaw still pops

My face has deep set lines

Over indulgent chops

Also exists tomorrow

These bills won’t pay themselves 

My time will surely come 

Or my time eventually comes

That feeling in my gut

Also exists tomorrow

Putting garbage on the curb

Running lifting fighting age

Nervous looking for a clue

Never knowing what to do

So here then is a fluke

Never felt the real now

Only worries and rebuke

Losing sight not knowing how

The longest day of the year

Is also the shortest night

Less time to move and cheer

Less hours to get it right

The sun stays up too long 

Confused by all the beaming 

Just need the moon to make a song 

Leave entranced and gleaming