Some dreams / by Nick Arneson

Sometimes if you dream

long enough

it just turns into

another walk in a park 

where some guy

just shits right in front of you

and you run away yelling

I found an anchor

in my closet and

threw it through 

a window

heard someone yell

the chain wasn’t 

connected to anything

when I was young

I yelled and spit

in one spot for an hour

so much of both

couldn’t walk or hear

so around me

I was lonely

There are times when

the time of us feels 

like the time of me

plus the time of you

but not really an oil painting

the way the movies 

I look deeper in 

than i used to and it’s fine

but when i look up

my eyes hurt with the shock

and someone is always

poking me in the ribs

and asking me why

I’m sitting here at a table

it’s a smiling kinda time

sun just set and it’s lukewarm

i’ve got books and

patience while this unfolds

because it does