Some Advice / by Nick Arneson


Some Advice

by Nick Arneson

I wanna deal

With this before you get past

The hard ways of 

Feeling, as they tend to last 

And there’s a lot of ways 

That aren’t the best 

Keep you down for days 

Highs an hour, best 

Or the kind that open doors

Not easily shut

Your sanity is yours 

Gotta go chin up 

I’ve seen too many nights 

Of unrivaled bliss

Turn to endless blight

Chasing is the abyss 

Because I laughed with her

And it was all I ever needed

Been looking everywhere 

I just hadn’t succeeded

Sometimes just headphones 

A silent break with only 

Supernatural in tones 

So dark and stormy 

Life seems so much 

Harder than it might be 

I’m not convinced of which

Side I wanna see 

Signs are loud and clear

I’m headed somewhere big

Just need to replace the fear

When I find my ministry 

Any opening line will do 

Any lick of the flames 

Take noise over never do

Can’t remember your names 

don’t do too much

But Get loose when you need

It’s handy in a pinch

When life’s too much to see

Had to throw in the towel

Never learned how to play 

Here’s hoping it won’t sour

Before you find your way