Training Montage - discussion / by Nick Arneson

Haha, discussion. Just me talking. I’m having an incredibly good time in the Barn making Training Montage. I’m not certain if I need to put Training Montage in ““ or not. Someone tell me in the comments. Thank you mom (ahead of time).

I’ve been out in the Barn 6 nights a week, sometimes 7 but i’m trying to take a night off sometimes (it’s difficult). The pace of learning is good right now, and i’m dissecting things I normally hadn’t. Playing rhythms i wouldn’t have previously thought of. Playing guitar parts and bass lines that a year ago would have been impossible. Progress is fun as fuck. What’s your dream? What are you into? If we really have a purpose, which i’m certain we do, i hope you’ve found yours and are chasing it with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. Or something close.

Love you all.